A gaping chasm resides in my chest, And down they go, those faint gasps of light, Trapped within, with no way out. Alone, save for the darkness.

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The wind blows and caresses his cheek,

About the only thing that does that these days.

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That was where she stood till the crowing of the cock reached her ears and yanked her from the daydream, where a gaping skull pleaded that she find its killer, or maggots danced in the lifeless eyes of….

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Mulling Morningstar #2

His body quakes with each breath he takes, bones pop in and out of place, shivering under their own weight. Yet those eyes, those eyes of disappointment and shame, of hate and fear, those eyes are the ones that do the most damage to him, slicing through his soul like the blade of Azrael. Belzeebub […]

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Hi fellas! How are you doing? I have been away on a break for past two weeks, I didn’t plan to do so but just couldn’t make myself to write. I have been feeling a little confused and scattered lately but I am trying to get over it. I really hope you all are doing […]

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Ponder #2: Intelligence Rights

Should Artificial Intelligence be given human rights? Here’s a nugget to chew on, folks: hypothetically speaking, if Androids begin to plague the Earth like they do in Star Wars movies: protocol droids helping with ambassadorial duties, IG-units helping the military, R2-units helping spacecrafts, should they be given rights? Should they be allowed to participate in […]

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