Futile Screams

When we go, do we leave behind our echoes? Do they resonate in the void that once carried our laughter, our squeals of joy, our tears, our struggles? Do they await eager ears, to tell the tales of our triumph? Our failings? When metal rains slam down on the surface, ejecting dust into the cold […]

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Our impressions remain, though our minds have left, Though our bodies merge with the earth, giving back each breath we stole, our footprints shall remain, misshapen forms in the sands of time. Until the waves of oblivion wash them to nothing, and the sun sets on an empty universe.

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“As We Dance…”

And so we stand, My hand around her waist, Hers around my neck, As we sway in the wind. Eyes they glare, Flashes of green, But we don’t care; For we bask in the light, Their envy warming our souls, Their mutterings music to our ears, As we dance to the song of old, As […]

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Tap, tap, tap.

Tap, tap, tap. An ocean of blue, and island of white in the shape of an ave, Then darkness, or light, depending on how you view the world; are you part of them, the others, the lessers? Or are you moody, ‘one of the cool kids’? Either way, on you go. *Up* you go, but […]

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A gaping chasm resides in my chest, And down they go, those faint gasps of light, Trapped within, with no way out. Alone, save for the darkness.

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The wind blows and caresses his cheek,

About the only thing that does that these days.

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That was where she stood till the crowing of the cock reached her ears and yanked her from the daydream, where a gaping skull pleaded that she find its killer, or maggots danced in the lifeless eyes of….

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Mulling Morningstar #2

His body quakes with each breath he takes, bones pop in and out of place, shivering under their own weight. Yet those eyes, those eyes of disappointment and shame, of hate and fear, those eyes are the ones that do the most damage to him, slicing through his soul like the blade of Azrael. Belzeebub […]

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